President Obama has been very effective at shaping current education policy in the United States without ever dealing with the Legislative branch of our government. Through the competitive grant programs of Race to the Top rounds I and II and the NCLB waivers, the Department of Education has done an amazing job of implementing education reforms on the national level while completely circumventing the democratic process. He has done so under the guise of an “educational crisis.”  Our nation is so plagued by ineffective teachers that our students have fallen behind in international test scores and pose a national security threat. Never mind that many of these nations have homogenous populations, do not educate all children, and have education systems like Finland which do the exact opposite of what Arne Duncan, Bill Gates and Jeb Bush are proposing.

President Obama, I am now asking you to invoke your dictatorial powers and pass a similar program to better regulate firearms in the United States. You could call it “Race to Stop Mass Slaughter.” Surely, the epidemic of one mass shooting after the next and the soaring murder rates in cities like Chicago, should be enough evidence to convince you that we are facing a very real domestic security threat.  You could reward state and city governments with federal funds if they promise to reduce murder rates and confiscate illegal weapons. You could throw in some extra funds for providing better and more accessible mental health care. If you want to really imitate your Race to the Top program, you could get a Washington based research firm to create an algorithm that would predict how many murders should occur in a city based on various variables like poverty, gun ownership rates, drop out rates, NRA membership and reward or fire police officers based on how many fewer murders actually occurred. Instead of complicated value added formulas which rank teachers on how their students should have performed on a standardized test, you could call it “murder subtracted” and rank police officers based on how many murders they prevented.

These are just a few suggestions Mr. President. Many people were impressed with your speech and your ability to cry over the elementary school shooting in Connecticut. I think we have all cried. I don’t need tears from my President. I don’t need eloquent words (your speech writers must be getting really sick of having to come up with new things to say about mass shootings. Do they have a template by now?). I need action. I prefer that you, Mr. President, show some real leadership and get serious about passing tougher gun control laws. You don’t have to worry about getting reelected anymore. Now is the time for “change.” If this horrific slaughter of little angels doesn’t wake this country up and get politicians and citizens united about doing something about gun control, we are doomed to see the mass slaughter of innocents on a monthly basis as has been the case in 2012. Please Obama, give this nation some real “hope” and let’s really move “forward” and finally pass some strict legislation.