As educators we may be reluctant to embrace the latest fad technology our districts seem quite happy to invest millions in while not bothering to invest any money in training their staff how to actually use it. I know you’re busy, you’re tired, you’re wary of wasting time learning one platform only to see it replaced by another shinier platform the following year. But believe me, it is worth devoting some extra time to learning the wonders of the digital classroom and here are the top ten reasons why:

1. If you go paperless, you will never have to be hit in the head with a crumpled up ball of paper some student accidently threw in your direction while trying to prove to the class he is the next Lebron James.
2. Your janitors will love you when they come to your classroom at the end of the day and it’s free of papers and books all over the floor.
3. Think of all the money you will save on pens and pencils! How many times has a kid asked you for a pencil or pen? They may not bring writing utensils to school but they certainly remember their smartphones.
4. You will never waste your time running to the copier in the teachers’ lounge only to find it’s jammed or has no toner and no one has bothered to fix it.
5. When your printer goes offline, you won’t have to wait three months for the tech guys downtown to fix it
6. Are the fumes from those stinky and expensive dry erase markers giving you a migraine? Go ahead and toss them in the trash.
7. Did your Smartboard bulb burn out and the school doesn’t have any money to replace it? Don’t worry, you can throw your Smartboard in the trash too but that would require heavy lifting.
8. Tired of giving a lecture and hearing students say “Wait, Wait, I’m not done copying yet.” Post in online and go ahead and talk as fast as you want.
9. Do you hate it when you play a video and the kids’ heads automatically fall to the desk or their pants light up from the glare of their smartphones? Stop wasting class time showing movies and make them watch them for homework instead. Quiz them on it the next day.
10. Embracing technology will make you work smarter, faster, cheaper and engage your learners who are too busy playing with their devices to listen to you anyway. If you can’t beat them, join them.