Sometimes I’m embarrassed to live in Florida. Usually my embarrassment coincides with a major election. After last night’s first gubernatorial debate between Rick Scott and Charlie Crist (in English, they debated last week in dubbed over Spanish), Florida once again found itself the laughing stock of the nation. I’m not a big fan (no pun intended) of debates or politicians, but I tuned in at 7 pm to find out what the candidates had to say about education. Like millions of other viewers, I tuned into an empty stage. Then Charlie Crist emerged and had the stage all to him self for a few minutes. The newscasters muttered something about a dispute over “no fans” and at first I took it to mean no fans in the audience (fans as in political groupies that would clap loudly for you and boo the other guy). But no, they were literally talking about the type of fan that keeps you cool. Not being a politician or male, I asked my husband why one would want a fan in their podium. His answer grossed me out so I won’t post it here. Anyway, apparently Charlie Crist is quite the fan of fans because his fan goes with him wherever he goes and his fan even has its own twitter account!

Always the hater and always one to avoid impromptu speaking at all costs, Rick Scott spent the first seven minutes of the debate back stage throwing a hissy fit over Charlie Crist’s fan. Charlie may have come across as having a glandular issues (it is Florida after all) but Rick Scott came across as a temperamental coward with public speaking issues.

For those teachers who feel they don’t have much choice in voting for either a current Republican governor or a former Republican governor, allow me to highlight one key difference between the two candidates. When asked about tying teacher pay to test scores, Scott replied, “We all know measurement works.” Crist answered, “We have way too much testing in our schools.” The choice is yours teachers.

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