fed wrestlingDisclaimer: the image accompanying this blog post is real and was not photo-shopped by any disgruntled Dade County teacher (unlike some other images that appeared on the web during our last contract negotiations).

After Fed Ingram won the election for FEA Vice President, but then announced that he would be staying on as UTD President through May, some on social media began questioning the rather long transition period. The most obvious answer was so that he could oversee the next UTD Presidential selection and ensure current Secretary Treasurer and heir apparent, Karla Mats, gets crowned in May. This week we found out the real reason Fed is staying on in Miami was so he could fulfill his childhood professional wrestling fantasy!

On Saturday, November 14th, teachers in Dade County can finally see Fed “fight for our future” in the pro-wrestling ring (hopefully wearing nothing more than a speedo and knee-high boots). After one lovey-dovey group hug photo after the next with the Superintendent and other district officials, Dade County teachers are ready to see Fed finally battle it out for teachers (even if it is totally fake and rigged, no wonder they chose professional wrestling to partner with).

The details of this event were not only sent out in a district wide email but also posted on UTD’s website http://www.utd.org/news/watch-utd-president-fedrick-ingram-in-a-live-professional-wrestling-event-as-he-fights-for-our-future

“In order to make this event a success, Puder has partnered with United Teachers of Dade (UTD), The Florida Education Association (FEA), PTA/PTSA of Miami-Dade County, and Ronin Pro Wrestling! The highlight of the event will be a “Super 3 on 3 Match”, in which Fed Ingram, Daniel Puder, and Lt. Col. Major Mark will be taking on anyone who is up for the challenge!

⇨ Date: Saturday, November 14th, 2015

⇨ Time: 5:00 P.M. – 9:00 P.M. EST

⇨ Location: Miami Jackson Senior High School (Free Parking)

⇨ Address: 1751 NW 36th Street, Miami, Florida 33142



Also, because this is a community event, UTD and My Life My Power Ent. have integrated a fundraising platform into the event where you and/or your school or organization can help sell tickets and 80% of the proceeds from those ticket sales go back to your school in the form of My Life My Power Programming where you can receive My Life My Power’s evidence based curriculum, assemblies, faculty training, parent workshops, etc. And, thanks to a gracious match sponsor, all funds raised will be doubled! We simply provide you with a coupon code generated specifically for you so you can begin raising funds!”

Since this is a charity event (even though only 80% is going back to the schools and it is all in the form of My Life My Power Programming), I am not going to knock it down too hard. Especially since the highlight of the event is Fed and two other wrestlers (I guess he needed some back up) taking on any one up for the challenge! Surely there are some massively perturbed Dade County teachers who just had their $11,000 step bargained away by UTD that would love a chance to take on Fed in the wrestling ring! Then again, these teachers are likely to be older and might not want to risk personal bankruptcy if they got injured and had to see a specialist using the district provided health insurance. I’m tempted, but I think my husband would get jealous and I have an old child-birthing injury. Tickets are only $10 for kids and $20 for adults!

Though I have zero interest in professional wrestling (greased up men on steroids with bad hair wearing nothing but weenie-bikinis is just not my thing), this could be a highly entertaining and precedent setting event. After Fed “Fights for our Future” against professional wrestlers, maybe he could take on some actual real life anti-teacher opponents. Here is a list of contenders teachers would love to see Fed take on in the ring:

  1. Before he leaves Miami, we want to see Fed and our “Gucci” Superintendent battle it out for teacher raises next year. If Fed wins, it will be a standard 3% increase across the board. If the Superintendent wins, the district will offer a measly 1% increase and the union will have to sing the praises about the generosity of the district at the following School Board meeting.
  2. Once he eventually gets to Tallahassee, we want to see him take on the big boys. Maybe Fed will prove himself so apt in professional wrestling that he can take on “steal your 3%” Governor Rick Scott and pretty boy “Best and Brightest” Erik Fresen at the same time!
  3. Of course, there will probably be visits to Washington D.C. now that he is Vice President of the FEA. That’s where teachers want to see some real action as “Super Union Thug” Fed engages in the battle royale against “Charter School Lover” President Obama, soon to be departed “Dunkin’ your profession” Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and his boy, Mad Scientist “Your schools are my guinea pigs” Bill Gates.

Hopefully UTD Presidents doing charity wrestling events will become an annual tradition and next year we can attend a lady mud wrestling event with “All smiles, all the time” Karla Mats taking on bad girl, “Duct tape your kids’ mouths” Michelle Rhee!