Then: Miami Dade Teacher Salary Schedule in 2007


Now: Miami Dade Teacher Salary 2017

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As UTD enters the next round of negotiations, their strategy should be to walk into the room with the big fancy oval table, slap down the teacher salary schedule from 2007 and then slap down the current salary whatever it is because it’s not an actual salary schedule. Then, without a big smile on her face, Mats needs to say two things: “WTF?” and “Show me the money.” That’s it.

In case the district doesn’t get why the 2007 teacher salary schedule is so damning, allow me to point out of few things that maybe Mats can bring up at the negotiating table.

  1. The salary schedule is ten years old. The top of the schedule in 2007 was $64,200, ten years later, it’s $72,000.  Adjusted for inflation, it should be almost $77,000! See image below. Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 6.14.59 AM
  2. Keep in mind that as the older teachers who reached the top retire, there is going to be a large group of teachers that never reach the top thanks to years without a step increase, a decade of $100 step increases (thanks UTD!), and then having their right to remain on the step schedule robbed from them. What is MDCPS going to do with all of that money they are going to save on teacher salaries when nobody reaches the top again for another 10-15 years (very rough approximation)? If you were a veteran grandfathered teacher that got robbed by MDCPS and UTD, you may want to consider joining the grandfathered inc. lawsuit on facebook
  3. In 2007, a 15 year veteran would be making almost $47,000. In inflation adjusted dollars in 2017, that amount would be almost $56,000. Most 15 year teachers currently working in Miami Dade currently don’t break $45,000. And apparently, that’s exactly what Miami Dade County thinks 15 years teaching experience is worth. If you look at the bottom portion of the 2017 salary “schedule” teachers who transfer in from another state or district with 20 years experience will be placed at $46,000.  Back in 2007, if a 22 year veteran transferred into the district they would have been entitled to $64,000. Now they will get paid $46,000.
  4. In 2007, a 15 year veteran would have made $10,000 more than a first year teacher. Most 15 year veterans in Miami Dade currently make about $4,000 more than a first year teacher.
  5. Adjusted for inflation, the starting salary should be at least $43,000. This does not take into account the massive increase in housing costs that have occurred in Miami over the last decade. Starting salary should be really be more like $50,000 considering the cost of living in Miami. In Dallas, where housing costs are much more affordable, starting pay is $50,000.18121210_10212862455706297_533790326914129098_o

UTD needs to demand to know where the money being saved on teacher salaries is going and they need to demand some sort of compensation for teachers in the middle of their careers who were financially devastated in the transition from the step schedule to performance pay.

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