What a Yes and No Vote Means for the 2017-2020 Contract Ratification

What a Yes Vote Means:

  • You think a raise that barely keeps up with inflation is adequate (the consumer price index for South Florida for 2017 was 2.3%)
  • You think even though per pupil spending went up by over $100 giving the district an extra $35 million and property tax collection continues to go up, you should get a smaller raise than when per pupil spending was lower
  • You are OK that the district thinks you are a chump for accepting between 2%- 2.67% and you will gladly vote Yes again next year when they offer a 1% raise. Why should they offer you more if you keep voting Yes to lower pay increases?
  • You don’t mind that any future pay increases or supplements will be contingent upon funding from Tallahassee and may disappear at any time and you will have no right to take any legal action over lost compensation
  • You think $750 for select grandfathered teachers is fair compensation for people who are losing upwards of $100,000.
  • You think that over 7,000 of your colleagues never reaching the top of the pay scale even if the teach for 30 years is just their bad luck and nothing should be done to help them.
  • You are a performance pay teacher and think it’s OK that there is good chance you will never reach the top of the pay scale either
  • You think that teachers with almost 20 years experience making less than $50,000 is just fine
  • You believe that veteran highly effective teachers with 15 years experience should make less money than a highly effective performance pay teacher with just a few years experience
  • You never want to be able to take a year off to pursue an advanced degree or travel without losing your job
  • You don’t mind future new hires not having health insurance for the first 90 days of their employment.
  • You don’t mind the fact that future employees will pay more for dependent coverage
  • You will get a couple of hundred dollars in retroactive pay before Christmas, but you will not get the state bonus of $1200 or up to $800 before the spring so don’t count on that money for your Christmas shopping.

What a No Vote Means

  • You are an MDCPS employee that believes you are worth more!

vote no