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The UTD contract ratification vote is almost here (it takes place on Tuesday November 7th in case you have been hiding under a social media rock). It is important that each one of us who feels passionately about our profession and the lack of adequate compensation take the two minutes next Tuesday to cast our ballots. Many teachers will lament, “it’s a done deal”, “the vote is rigged” or “I always vote No and it still passes.” Despite the possible veracity of these statements, it’s important that we still go out and vote. Isn’t that what UTD is always telling us to do? If we just got more involved in the electoral process we would all be rolling in cash? So here is your chance to get involved in an issue that directly impacts you.


If you are feeling particularly politically active this election season, here are a few guerrilla warfare strategies you can use to get your coworkers educated about the contract:

  1. Direct them towards the Kafkateach blog, the “MDCPS Employees You are Worth More” Facebook group or the Miami Educator Facebook page.
  2. If you are feeling more subversive, you may wish to print out and distribute it in mailboxes, post it near the sign-in sheet, or if you are feeling especially brazen, post it on your school’s UTD bulletin board like this teacher did.

UTD bulletin board

(As an aside, look at the add on the bottom right. Who knew you could purchase UTD official merchandise? Now I know what to ask Santa for this Christmas!)

We also need some troops to go to the voting locations at their schools and observe the vote count and report your school’s Yes and No vote tallies to an anonymous survey. It would be nice if UTD would just release the school by school vote counts and help put an end to rumors of rigged elections, but until they do, we will have to collaboratively plan and use data driven strategies to provide some transparency to the electoral process. If you cannot observe the vote count, get your steward’s contact information and they should be able to give you the tally for your school.

UTD vote counts are public and you do not have to be a UTD member to observe the count. If you do observe the count, take pictures of the final count with your phone and report the vote count as soon as possible here:!5339&authkey=!ADsOezbQpSgHKDQ

This survey is anonymous and is from a personal onedrive (not a dadeschools onedrive) so if you are prone to paranoia relax. You can either share this blog post, share the link to the survey, or direct people to the Miami Educator Facebook page or the “MDCPS Employees You are Worth More” Facebook group where the link to the contract vote survey will be posted on election day as well.

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